Collection: Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often characterized by a feeling of tightness and dryness, which can easily lead to redness and irritation. Superficial vessels are common and the reaction to various stimuli can be difficult to predict, making the skin prone to flare-ups. Whether it's cold, heat, wind or sun, these stresses can trigger irritation. Makeup, skin care products and shaving can also be potential sources of sensitivity reactions. Factors such as strong food, alcohol, coffee and smoking can aggravate the condition.

Red areas, visible vessels and dilated blood vessels are common features of sensitive skin, often localized to areas such as the cheeks and around the nose. The term "reactive skin" is often used in skin care to describe skin that reddens and flares up easily when exposed to external stress, although it is not necessarily constantly red or irritated.

For the treatment and care of sensitive skin, accuracy and caution are essential. Protection from sun and cold is especially important, and products aimed at increasing circulation, such as active serums, should be avoided. Instead, the use of mild and soothing ingredients is recommended. Explore our range of brands specializing in products for sensitive skin and pamper your skin with gentle care.