Facial treatments

Facial treatments

Perfect for those who are unsure of what to choose for treatment

Skin therapist's choice

Perfect to choose when you want to get the most out of your skin, but are unsure which treatment suits you best.

Here, the skin therapist recommends the treatment that best suits you based on the condition of the skin and your wishes. We will arrive together at what treatment we should do.

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Classic facial treatment is always a good choice.

VIVO Classic Facial treatment 60 min

Always customized, this includes both port emptying and massage. Perfect treatment to start with if it's the first time you've had a facial.
Cleansing, peeling, massage, steam, port emptying, mask, finishing products.
(Eyebrow plucking included if desired)

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For those who want a quick refresher!

VIVO Express Facial treatment 30 min

A treatment for those who want to do something but don't have as much time or who don't want a massage and port emptying.
Cleansing, peeling, mask adapted to skin type. and final products.
(Eyebrow plucking included if desired)

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Esse Facial treatments

Tailored Esse facials combine organic products with probiotics to promote healthy and radiant skin

Experience organic and probiotic facial treatment

Esse Experience 60 min

Facial treatment where we use the power of pre- and probiotics that improve the microbial balance on the skin.

Cleansing, peeling, massage, ampoule, mask/exclusion special mask,, finishing products.
(Add steam and port emptying 200:- 15 min).

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Perfect for those who already use Esse products.

Esse Probiotic Facial Treatment 60min

Here, an exclusive ampoule with 5 billion good live bacteria is used for the skin, followed by an exclusion mask that provides the best conditions for the good bacteria.

Cleansing, peeling, massage, probiotic ampoule, mask/exclusion special mask, finishing products.

(Add steam and port emptying 200:- 15 min)

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Probiotic facial treatment in 30 minutes!

Esse Probiotic Express 30 min

For those who want to get the best out of probiotic treatment in the shortest time.
This includes the exclusive ampoule with 5 billion good live bacteria and exclusion mask.

Cleansing, probiotic ampoule, exclusion mask, finishing products.

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Circadia Facial treatments

Experience Circadia's advanced facials, tailored to work deeply to restore and renew your skin.

Maximum moisture and shine in 45 minutes!

Circadia Moisture Bomb 45min

The treatment where you want to give your skin a moisture bomb and lots of shine. Includes a chemical peel with pure lactic acid.
Cleansing, enzyme peeling that removes dead skin cells, lactic acid peel that provides long-lasting moisture to the skin and lots of shine, the treatment ends with a moisturizing mask.

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For those who want a proper deep cleaning!

Circadia Deep Cleansing 60min

Cleansing, enzyme peeling that removes dead skin cells, pore emptying, chemical peeling with lactic acid and salicylic acid that provides long-lasting moisture to the skin and works deep cleaning on pores and blockages, the treatment ends with a mask adapted to skin type.

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For those who want a facial treatment with everything.

Circadia Beyond Botox 75 min

Beyond Botox is a treatment when you want to combine the best of different treatments to get a direct tightening effect and glow. The treatment begins with Dermaplane, which removes dead skin cells and small wrinkles on the face. Then a lactic acid is added which binds moisture to the skin and exfoliates. Finally, you get a Firming Peptide Mask that gives a direct tightening to the skin and oxygenates and drains away toxins.

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Anti-aging with direct results

Circadia Lift & Glow 60 min

A powerful treatment that provides instant tightening, perfect for a party.
This rejuvenating treatment contains the latest technology of peptides & antioxidants that create a renewal of the cells from the lower skin structure, it increases elasticity, glow & vitality.

The treatment includes Cleansing, enympeeling, massage or port emptying depending on what is needed and a firming peptide mask that tightens the skin, increases oxygenation and gives a lot of shine. The mask should stay on for about 25 minutes.

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Perfect treatment for you with sensitive skin!

Circadia Oxygen 30 min

Pure oxygen is infused into the skin to increase nutrient supply and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and redness-reducing properties, Oxygen Rx is perfect for treating acne-prone skin and Rosacea. It also has a vasoconstricting and strengthening effect while brightening uneven pigmentation. This customized treatment is specially designed for you with acne, rosacea and visible veins.

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Academie facial treatment

Experience the tradition and expertise of Akademin Hudvård - a beloved brand with a long history and pioneering treatments for timeless beauty.

For those who want a custom, comfortable facial treatment

Academy Experience 60 min

Experience a customized facial that is adapted exactly to your skin type and current skin condition. Included in the treatment is an ampoule tailored to your skin type as well as a special mask that penetrates deeply for optimal effect.

The products are rich in highly concentrated active ingredients that revitalize and restore the skin's balance, increase elasticity and firmness. Enjoy deep hydration and revitalization on a whole new level with our complete package of cleansing, peeling, ampoule treatment, relaxing massage, special mask and finishing products.

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Additions that you can make to the facial

Supplement for facial treatment

  • Extra port emptying 15 min - SEK 200
  • Lactic Acid, Lactic Acid Peeling SEK 500
  • Alpha/Beta, Lactic acid+salicylic acid SEK 500
  • Vitamin A 550:-
  • Firming Peptide Mask 10-15 min SEK 350
  • Firming Peptide Mask 25-30 min SEK 550
  • Extra massage 15 min - SEK 200
  • Eye mask that works on fine lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes - SEK 100
  • Eyebrow tinting - SEK 200
  • Eyelash tinting - SEK 200
  • Eyelashes and brow tinting - SEK 250