Lashes and Brows

  • Lashes and Brows

    Dyeing and plucking of brows - SEK 320

    Eyelashes and brow tinting - SEK 420

    Lash lift incl. lash dyeing - SEK 750

    Eyelash tinting - SEK 320

    Brow plucking - SEK 250

  • Eyelash extension

    New set - 1.5 - 2 hours - SEK 1200

    Small refill - 45 - 1 hour 1-2 weeks - SEK 625

    Large refill - 1.5 hours 2-3 weeks - SEK 950

    I do not supplement other people's work, as from experience it is usually not carried out according to what I am working on.

Information Eyelash extension

Single lash extension.

Suitable for those who want a natural lash extension, a single lash is applied to your natural lash.

When you arrive, it is very important that you do not wear make-up, such as mascara, eyeliner, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc., please note that if you choose to come with make-up, the durability may be affected as there may be dirt, make-up and grease left on the lashes even after cleaning.

Feel free to bring headphones if you want to listen to something in the meantime, a new set takes about 2 hours.