Collection: Mature Skin

A mature skin is characterized by a slower cell turnover, which results in reduced radiance and increased tendency to dryness. Collagen, the building blocks of the skin, breaks down more easily and has a harder time rebuilding, which can lead to laxity and the appearance of wrinkles. The aging of the skin depends on several factors, where genes, UV radiation and environmental pollution play a significant role. The latter factors age the skin by generating free radicals, which attack the cells and break them down.

A mature skin requires extra moisture and daily protection, and it's important to choose products that help repair damage and effectively hydrate. Ingredients such as retinol are well documented for their positive effects on mature skin, as they stimulate collagen production and effectively smooth wrinkles.

When moisture retention decreases in the skin, mature skin needs extra care. Therefore, it is important to choose products that not only add moisture but also offer protection, nutrition and vitamins. By using ingredients that promote cell renewal and collagen production, such as retinol, you can actively work to preserve and improve the health and appearance of the skin.