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Academy Deodorant

Academy Deodorant

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Academie Deodorant with Anti-Hair Growth Effect

Academie deodorant is designed to not only counteract bad odor but also prevent hair growth. Discover a deodorant that offers a double function for a fresher and more comfortable everyday life.

Features and Benefits

Effectiveness Against Bad Odor

  • Long-lasting Protection: The formula ensures perfect effectiveness against bad odor throughout the day.
  • No Discolouration: Prevents white or yellow marks on clothes.

Anti-Hair Growth Effect

  • Hair growth inhibitor: Prevents hair growth for smoother and more pleasant skin.

Gentle Formulation

  • Alcohol-free: Free from alcohol to be gentle on the skin.
  • Skin-friendly: Suitable for daily use and all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Instructions for use

Simple Use

  1. Apply: Shake the bottle and apply the deodorant to clean, dry skin under the arms.
  2. Allow to Dry: Allow the product to dry before dressing to avoid marks.

For Daily Use

  • Use every morning for best results.
  • Can be used after shaving without irritating the skin.

Benefits for Your Skin

  • Double Benefits: Both counteracts bad odor and prevents hair growth.
  • Gentle: Alcohol-free and gentle on the skin.
  • No Discoloration: Safe to use without leaving stains on clothes.

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Academie deodorant with anti-hair growth effect is the perfect solution for those who want a product that both counteracts bad odor and prevents hair growth. With its effective and gentle formulation, it gives you long-lasting protection without irritating the skin or leaving marks on clothes.

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