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Esse Pre Care Oil

Esse Pre Care Oil

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A face oil with live probiotics and biotechnological ingredients that prepares the skin for advanced treatment, by strengthening the barrier function and preparing the skin for the active ingredients of the Post-Care treatment.

› All skin types.

Used two weeks before the treatment.


› Contains live Lactobacillus, 1 million cfu/ml. › Regulates the immune response. › Strengthens the barrier function. › Counteracts the growth of pathogenic microbes. › Prevents the formation of pathogenic biofilms.

Pre-Care Oil contains 1 million live probiotic bacteria per milliliter. The low dose of probiotics helps the skin's immune system get used to the Lactobacillus to minimize the risk of an inflammatory reaction when the Post-Care treatment begins, which contains a higher dose of live probiotics. The probiotic is freeze-dried and encapsulated in microspheres of a water-soluble membrane, which means that it retains its vitality for a long time. Mild emulsifiers in the Activator release the microspheres from the oil base when the products are mixed in the palm before application. The goal is to get the skin's immune system used to the probiotic strains during the two weeks before treatment to increase the chance of a positive reaction when used in the Post-Care Oil.

Key ingredients

› Lactobacillus probiotics - supports a healthy microbiome, calms the immune system, helps the skin adapt to higher doses of probiotics in Post-Care Oil. › Low dose Sapinenic Acid – reduces potentially harmful pathogens on the skin by nourishing the good microbes. › Low dose Vitamin E – prepares the skin for the Post-Care treatment. › Ximenia oil, Jojoba oil and Squalane – part of the oil base, similar to the skin's natural sebum and is a source of nutrition for the good microbes, promoting a healthy microbiome.

100% of the content is of natural origin 26% of the content is organically grown


2 weeks before treatment:

1-2 pumps of Pre-Care Oil mixed with 2 pumps of Activator in the palm. Mix the products and apply to the treatment area twice daily. Individual adaptation

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