Collection: Dry skin

A dry skin type is characterized by reduced sebum production, which leads to a lack of both moisture and fat. The skin may feel scaly and rough due to insufficient sebum production that normally lubricates the skin. Dry skin usually has small pores, and after cleansing the skin may feel tight and sometimes itchy. Eczema is not uncommon in dry skin, and pimples are rare due to the lack of sebum production.

This skin type is extra sensitive and reacts more easily to products, pollution and cold because the skin barrier is not intact. To balance the low sebum production, dry skin needs oil above all. Rich creams, nourishing oils and concentrates are preferred to repair the skin barrier and retain moisture in the skin. Regular skin care, including cleansing and moisturizing, is essential to managing dry skin.

If you experience dry skin, it is important to choose the right products and treatments to manage this skin type. Invest in moisturizing creams, oils and serums to restore the moisture balance and protect your skin against external stress. A moisturizing face mask once a week can also be an effective way to give your dry skin extra care.