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SWiCH is a unique treatment that provides energy and fuel to the cell nucleus through increased ATP synthesis (cellular respiration) and repairs the skin from the inside out.

SWiCH reverses visible signs of aging without causing damage, redness or flaking. (Some lighter partial scaling may occur). Since SWiCH does not create UV sensitivity, the treatment can be advantageously done all year round.

SWiCH helps improve mitochondrial function, increases ATP synthesis and restores the skin's youthful appearance by increasing the cell's energy level.

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  • Before treatment

    • If your skin is inflamed, flaky, swollen, bruised, delayed healing from another treatment or stressed in any way, you should wait with SWiCH

    • Retinol/AHA - Stop using the product 5 days before and after the treatment.
    • Chemical peeling - Wait at least 14 days before doing SWiCH
    • Laser/IPL - Dermaplaning can be done before laser treatment, but wait at least 14 days after laser.
  • After the treatment

    • Leave on product, so you must not have water on your face for 12 hours after the treatment.
    • You will receive a cleanser and a cream home with you, which you must use for the next 3 days after the treatment.
    • Avoid the sun as much as possible after the treatment. If you must be in the sun, apply and reapply sunscreen every two hours, wear a hat and sit in the shade.
    • No Makeup immediately after
    • No peeling for the next week.
  • Who cannot do the treatment?

    • Cancer - while undergoing cancer treatment.
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Allergy to salicylic acid
    • Allergy to citrus fruits or citric acid
    • Pregnant or trying to get pregnant
    • Open wounds
    • During antibiotic treatment

Frequently asked questions and answers about Dermaplane PRO

When the hair grows back, will it be thicker and darker?

No, it is physiologically impossible. This type of hair, Vellus, is thin, fine and soft and is found everywhere on the body except on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, lips and on the genitals. Vellus hair always grows back to its original shape and appearance. This takes approximately 2 – 4 weeks.

How often should I do Dermaplane PRO treatments?

It varies. Many customers choose to do the treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal results. Some alternate with the Dermaplane treatment and other facial treatments.

Is the Dermaplane PRO treatment safe?

Yes, the Dermaplane PRO treatment is safe when performed by trained and certified skin therapists. I am well trained to ensure safe and effective treatment.

What benefits can I expect from the Dermaplane PRO treatment?

Dermaplane PRO helps improve skin texture and radiance by removing dead skin cells and facial hair. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and provide a smoother makeup application.

How long do the results of Dermaplane PRO last?

Results vary, but many people experience an improvement in the appearance of their skin immediately after treatment. The effects can be visible for up to four weeks.

Is Dermaplane PRO suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Dermaplane PRO is suitable for most skin types. It is a gentle and non-invasive treatment. However, recommend that people with very sensitive skin do a consultation before the treatment.

How does Dermaplane PRO differ from other exfoliation methods?

Dermaplane PRO uses a specific technique with a sharp scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells and facial hair. It provides a deeper exfoliation compared to some other methods and can provide faster and more visible results.

Are there any side effects or downtime with Dermaplane PRO?

There is usually no downtime after the Dermaplane PRO treatment. Mild redness may occur, but this usually subsides within a few hours.

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